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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


5 Signs Your AC Is on the Way Out…


“The readiness is all.” That’s AC advice straight from William Shakespeare, impressive considering he was centuries before the invention of the electro-mechanical air conditioner. But that’s why Shakespeare was a genius. When it comes to replacing an old air conditioner, readiness is the most important part. Why? Because you want to replace your AC before it has the chance to completely fail on you. 

To help you with readiness (which, we must repeat, is all), we’ve put together a list of five signs your air conditioner is going into its last stages.

ONE: A drop in cooling capacity

Do you find that you have to set the thermostat lower than you used to in order to get decent comfort from the air conditioner? That shouldn’t happen. It might be a malfunction with the thermostat; miscalibrations are a common problem. But if your air conditioner is getting near 15 years in service (or past it), declining cooling ability often means the system is fading away. Time to say “good night, sweet air conditioner.”

TWO: Energy bills climbing during the summer

Something is rotten in the state of your utility bills. You’ve noticed you pay more for electricity than before during the summer. This is probably because of the AC, which uses more electricity than almost any other appliance in your home. A sudden rise in a younger AC can indicate a repair need. A gradual build in an older AC means it’s on its way to the undiscovered country and you need to get a new one. 

THREE: Noisy operation

If you’ve had this air conditioner long enough, you’ll know the standard sounds it makes as it runs. When your old AC chooses to honor this more in the breach than in the observance, something is wrong. You don’t want an air conditioner that clatters and grinds because its motors are wearing down. One noise could be a repair, but general noise is a replacement.

FOUR: Repairs that cost too much and happen too often

How often have you needed to have your AC repaired over the last few years? It shouldn’t be every year. And it certainly shouldn’t be twice a year. And any single repair that costs more than half the price of getting a new air conditioner is also paying too much. (Sorry, we couldn’t squeeze in a Hamlet quote on this one.)

FIVE: Rising humidity

Your AC probably doesn’t have humidity controls, but it does some dehumidification as it works. When it starts failing, you’ll notice humid air coming from the vents—that’s not supposed to happen! Your air conditioning is not protesting too much, it’s asking for a replacement. 

But maybe it can be repaired…

If your air conditioner is already over 15 years, repairs are probably not worth it. For a younger AC, air conditioning repair in San Marcos, TX may be a good choice, although it depends on how much the repair costs vs. the cost of a new system. This is why it’s helpful to always have professionals check out your AC before making a decision about replacing it. Our experts are always helpful and honest: trust us to help you enjoy the best cooling. The rest is coolness.

Schedule AC service today. At Thayer Air Conditioning, your comfort is our #1 priority! 

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