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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


AC Won’t Turn On? Check These First


Yikes, your AC isn’t turning on? In a place like Texas, a broken air conditioner is a cause for worry (and probably sweat). The good news is that if your air conditioning system isn’t working, you have a great company to turn for air conditioning repair in Cibolo, TX: Thayer! We’re a responsive team, ready to get out there and solve your cooling problem. 

However, you don’t necessarily need to leap to the phone to call us when your AC won’t come on. In many cases, there’s a simple mistake or trouble you can correct yourself. These aren’t repairs—they’re troubleshooting. We’ve often found basic explanations for many AC problems when we arrive at customers’ homes, and we want to help you figure out if this is what’s going on. So let’s go through some troubleshooting checks…

Check the power for the house

If your AC goes out in the middle of the day, you may not at first realize that the whole house has lost power. Check on lights or any other appliances to make sure you have power.

Check the thermostat

Yes, thermostat mistakes are often the source of an AC giving you trouble. Make sure the system is set to “cool” (often “auto” isn’t sufficient). See if changing the settings causes the air conditioner to kick in, which will at least tell you that the system itself can work, although perhaps the thermostat is miscalibrated. You’re also checking to see if someone else altered the settings without you knowing it.

Check the electrical panel

This is one of the more common “basic” causes of an AC refusing to turn on or shutting down abruptly. The motors from various components in the air conditioning system, particularly the motors for the compressor and the blower, draw on large amounts of electricity and can cause a circuit breaker to trip. If you find a tripped breaker, reset it and try the AC again. If the breaker continues to trip, then the AC likely needs repairs.

Check the air filter and change it if necessary

Here’s another problem that often interferes with air conditioner performance. The blower filter on the AC needs regular replacements so it won’t become excessively dirty. If the filter remains in place for too long, the congestion will cause numerous problems with the AC, including causing it to shut down due to overheating. We recommend changing the filter every 1 to 3 months to prevent future trouble.

Check on the condenser

The condenser is the outside cabinet of the air conditioner. It needs clearance on all sides so it can exhaust heat. It also needs to have clean coils. If it doesn’t have both, the AC will overheat because it can’t remove enough heat outside. Move away any obstructions from near the condenser (it needs at least a foot of clearance) and wash it down with a hose on low pressure.

At this point, you’ve done a thorough job troubleshooting your air conditioner. If it still won’t work—that’s what we’re here for!

At Thayer Air Conditioning, your comfort is our #1 priority! Call us for air conditioning repair services—we’re already on our way.

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