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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


Special AC Tune-Up Offer for Great Spring Results!


We’ve already posted a reminder about scheduling a professional spring maintenance visit for your home’s air conditioning system. Getting this straightforward air conditioning tune-up in Seguin, TX does marvels for the longevity of the AC, the number of repairs it will need, it’s general performance, and how much it costs to run.

We want to encourage everyone who hasn’t already to sign up for our maintenance program at one of the two different tiers. We’ve also made getting that tune-up easier than ever with our limited-time offer for an AC tune-up: you can call us for a full air conditioning tune-up for $89. For more details about this offer, and to schedule a convenient time for a visit from one of our technicians, please call us.

Our Maintenance Plan Is the Plan for the Future of Your HVAC System

Joining our maintenance program is the best investment in keeping your home comfortable around the year, for many years. It’s not much different from the regular tune-up your car needs. However, unlike modern cars which will flash a “maintenance due” light on the dashboard after a certain number of miles, your AC and heater don’t have such a warning system. When you are part of a maintenance plan with experts, you’ll have a schedule in place so you won’t have to worry about taking care of the HVAC system—we’ve got it all covered!

You can join our plan at one of two tiers, Silver or Gold, to help you fit maintenance needs within your budget. Here’s what you get when you become a member:

  • Two tune-ups per year: This is the heart of the program, where all the huge benefits come from. Longer equipment service life, lower bills, safe operation, warranty protection, 85% fewer repairs, and that all-important peace of mind. And if you’re wondering what the second tune-up is about, that’s the fall maintenance appointment for your heating system.
  • Priority service: We always prioritize our customers, but you get to go to a special level as part of the plan—you get bumped to the top of the service queue when you need assistance.
  • Lifetime warranty on most repairs: If we don’t fix it right, we’ll correct whatever we did wrong at no charge.
  • Filter discounts: Filter replacements are a basic part of most AC and heating maintenance, and we’ll give you a price discount on the ones we put in.

The maintenance plan is an investment that pays you back. Think of how much you’ll save just by cutting out 85% of the repairs the AC would otherwise need! Getting your air conditioner to last five more years than it would otherwise is also a tremendous saving.

Trust Our Superb Team

We are the company you can trust for all your upcoming air conditioning services. We strive to give customers a 5-star experience every time, and we offer free estimates and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All our employees are family-friendly, background checked, drug-tested, and uniformed. Good old-fashioned values of hard work and innovation are how we run our business—your needs are always first with us.

Your comfort is our #1 priority at Thayer Air Conditioning. Schedule that AC tune-up today.

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