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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


Evaluate Your Heater as Spring Begins


This week marks the official start of spring. We may still run into some cold weather surprises, even into June, but this is when homeowners will begin to turn their thoughts from their heating systems and start planning for warmer weather.

But before you shut off your heating system for the last time this season, take the opportunity to evaluate how well your heater managed the winter. This way you can chart out your heating future—and that may involve getting a new heating system, or possibly a heat pump to handle both heating and cooling. 

Give Your Heater a Quick Score

We’ll use a simple rating system here. Would you say your heating system’s performance last summer was Great, Good, Okay, or Poor?

  • Great: Whatever you’re doing, keep it up. Actually, we know what you’re doing—regular maintenance each fall, and prompt repairs as needed. It’s not a big secret, and we’re glad you’re keeping up.
  • Good: No serious problems with your heater, but you sense you might have it even better. This may indicate a need for a repair, or maybe the heater is getting old. Maybe not “replacement” old, but ask our technicians about it when you schedule HVAC maintenance this spring. 
  • Okay: “Okay” isn’t really okay when it comes to a heater. What’s not right? If you’re paying more than you used to, or the heating level isn’t as cozy as it should be, we recommend calling for repairs. Don’t hesitate — repairs done sooner often heads off bigger problems. If your heater is more than 15 years old, “okay” performance often means it’s timer to consider a replacement.
  • Poor: Your heater either needs immediate repair service or it needs to be replaced. Don’t put up with a heater that isn’t doing the job you expect from it. 

What About Making the Change to a Heat Pump?

When you consider possibly replacing the heater, do you also think that maybe your air conditioning system could use an upgrade? If so, then we’d recommend you look into getting a heat pump—especially if you have an all-electric home and have been using an electric furnace.

With a heat pump, you can replace both the furnace and AC for a single system that does both jobs. This is convenient and can save you money on a single installation rather than two separate ones. Heat pumps are also excellent at saving energy in heating mode compared to electric furnaces. This is because heat pumps consume electricity to move heat, rather using electrical resistance to generate heat. You can lower electrical heating costs by 20 to 50% with the switch to a heat pump. 

We Can Help You Get the Best Heating for the Future

We’re the San Antonio, TX, HVAC experts who know how to find the best heating options for your house. We’ll help you determine if your heating system needs repairs or if it’s time for a new system. If the latter, we’ll see that you end up with the right type of heater to meet your needs. 

At Thayer Air Conditioning, Your comfort is our #1 priority! Call us for the best in local heating and cooling services.

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