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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


Top Signs Your Home’s Furnace Is in Trouble


Have you ever heard your furnace making strange noises and wondered what is happening? Did you ever think it could stop functioning?

Having a properly working heating system is always a priority to many homeowners. If you see signs that your furnace is struggling to work, it could be headed to a bigger problem like breaking down. To ensure your loved ones are safe and to lower your energy bills, you’ll need an expert.

Here you will learn signs that your home’s furnace is in trouble. If you notice any of these signs, call furnace repair in Bulverde, TX.

Top Signs to Watch For

The following are some of the signs that will tell you your furnace requires repair:

1. Escalating utility bills

You can compare your heating bills for the current year and the previous year. If your heating system usage is comparable, then you may want to look at the heater to see if it’s operating inefficiently. Many reasons could render your heating system inefficient. If you suspect your system has a problem, call us for a thorough inspection and proper diagnosis.

2. Strange Sounds

If you’ve had your furnace for some time, then you are familiar with the typical sound it produces during operation. Any strange sound or noise that is unfamiliar and which you would not ordinarily expect from your furnace is an indication that your furnace requires urgent repair.

Some of the strange noises to expect from a faulty heater include:

  • Mechanical shrieking sound – An indication of wearing out of the motor bearings
  • Clicking sound – A sign of a crack on the heat exchanger
  • Rattling sound – A loose components such as the blower fan
  • Grinding sound – A sign of dry motors that require lubrication

3. Short Cycling

If your furnace keeps turning on and off quickly, there is a problem causing it to finish its heating cycle too fast. Such behavior puts a considerable strain on different components that could significantly increase energy consumption without giving the heater enough time to heat the house to the expected temperatures.

Such problems could be caused by clogged filters or a big furnace that is not correctly sized. We have highly skilled technicians who will troubleshoot any short cycling issues and offer fast repairs.  

4. Uneven Heating in the House

If your house is not evenly heated, there could be several reasons, and it may not even be the heater itself. The problem could be the ducts from the heater allowing the heated air to escape. Similarly, the problem could also be the miscalibration of the thermostat affecting the heating efficiency.

5. Regular Furnace Repairs

If you have been experiencing increased furnace repair, it means that it’s in the last years of its service. Also, if you are waiting for repair parts to ship in since they are not readily available in the market, it indicates that your heater is too old.

Getting replacement parts for an older furnace is a bit challenging, and this can force you to wait longer for the parts delivery when it’s cold.


If you see the above signs, it is high time you plan to replace your furnace or call for repair services.

At Thayer Air Conditioning, your comfort is our #1 priority! Call us for furnace repairs—we’re already on the way!

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