If you live here in the New Braunfels area, we’re your Top Rated Local® Heating and Cooling Company. We’re proud to provide HVAC services for folks here in Texas, and we provide installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement services for heating and cooling units — and we work with both business owners and commercial owners. If you’re ready to make the most of your HVAC system, you can reach out to us to get started. You can also read more about our individual services, all of which are listed below.

AC Installation & Maintenance

Temperatures can soar here in New Braunfels, and if you don’t have a AC unit that’s keeping your home cool, then you could be left with a muggy, uncomfortable home. Fortunately, you can always count on us to install and maintain your unit. If you’re installing a new AC unit for the first time in your home, we can work with you to ensure that you get the right AC unit size for your space.

In addition, we offer maintenance services that are designed to keep your AC unit running efficiently for its entire lifetime. We’ll check the coolant of your unit, make sure the evaporator coil isn’t frozen over, we’ll check your fan, test your system, and make sure its motor and other electrical components are operating as they should. Feel free to read more about our AC installations and maintenance services.

AC Replacement

If your AC unit can’t keep up with the temperature outdoors, then your AC unit may not be the right size, or it may be on its last leg. Regardless, we can replace your unit and hook up a new unit to your current ventilation system. Be mindful that if your unit is over a decade old, or if your energy bills are too high, then your AC unit might be due for an upgrade. Also, if your unit has a bad compressor or several components that require repair, then it’s likely time to swap it out — since you may be paying as much for repairs as you will for an entirely new unit. You can read more about our AC unit replacement services if you’d like.

AC Repairs

Do you have an air conditioner that’s no longer blowing cold air into your home? Or perhaps the temperatures in your home are constantly fluctuating. You may also have a thermostat that’s not communicating with your AC unit, or perhaps your evaporator coil has frozen over. Regardless of your particular issue, we can assess the problem and provide you with a fix. So, next time your AC unit starts acting up, you can count on our HVAC technicians. Feel free to learn more about our AC repair services.

We can help with any of the following AC issues:

Noisy unit: If you have an AC unit that’s making a banging, rumbling, or scraping noise — you name it — we can take a look to see what’s causing the problem. You may have an issue with the fan or fan motor, among other components of your air conditioning system.

Broken fan: Your fan should pull cool air away from your evaporator coil and push that air into your home. If your fan isn’t clicking on and whirring efficiently, then your air conditioner won’t keep your home cool. What’s worse is that your AC unit will continue to try to work, and your evaporator coil can freeze over, which can cause damage to other components of your AC.

Thermometer problems: Your thermostat should be able to communicate with your AC unit, telling it when to click on and off. If you have a thermostat that isn’t properly calibrated, or a thermostat that’s no longer sending signals to your AC unit we can locate the source of the issue and fix it.

Frozen evaporator coil: Your evaporator coil is a crucial component of your AC unit, and it cools the air that is circulated into your home. However, if your AC unit is constantly on, or if your fan isn’t pulling away enough cool air from your coil, then it will freeze over — making your HVAC system inefficient, and causing damage to your unit.

Broken compressor: Your compressor keeps your coolant circulating through your system so that the evaporator coil can cool the air that pumps through your abode. If you have a bad compressor we may be able to fix it. It may be best to replace your unit in some instances, since this is the most expensive component of an AC unit.

Electrical issues: Electrical problems can occur, causing inconsistent temperatures, or a complete failure of your cooling system. If you have a failed fan motor, a thermostat that’s not communicating with your AC unit, or any other electrical issues, we can seek out the problem.

Leaking refrigerant: Your refrigerant moves through the coils of your AC unit, cooling the air around the evaporator coil as it evaporates. If you have a leak, we’ll identify the source, fix the leak, and top off your refrigerant level so that your unit is running as efficiently as it is designed.

Dirty filter: Your AC unit has a filter which ensures that the air you pull into your home is pure and fresh. Over time, your filter will get gunked up with dirt and dust which can hinder the performance of your HVAC system. Fortunately, filters are inexpensive and easy to replace.

Heating Installation & Maintenance

If you can’t keep your home warm enough in the winter, then it’s time to install a heater. We can install a new furnace in your home so that you can keep a comfortable temperature throughout your home, even during the coldest months of the year. If this is your first time buying a new furnace, we can work with you to determine your demands and the best furnace to suit the size of your home.

We also offer maintenance services for furnaces, thermostats, and the rest of your HVAC system. We’ll make sure your filter is clean, and your heater is running efficiently, so that you can trust your heating system will be up and running, as well as reliable, throughout the winter. Plus, with regular maintenance, your furnace is more likely to last as long as it’s designed — and you’ll spend less money on your energy bills, thanks to a more efficient unit. Feel free to read more about our furnace installations and maintenance services.

Heating Replacement

Do you have a heater that’s over a decade old? Or perhaps your heater can’t keep up with the demands of your home. Well, we can help you out. We’d be happy to tear out your old unit and install a brand new furnace that’s sure to last you for several winters to come. You can read more about our furnace repairs if you’d like.

Heating Repairs

If your furnace is inefficient, if it’s making noise, or if it’s simply not warming your home as well as it used to, then we can take a look at it. Your furnace may have any number of issues that arise, from a bad pilot light to thermostat problems. When you need to get your heater up and running again, we can stop by to help you out with a repair. Feel free to learn more about our furnace repair services.

We can help with any of the following heating issues:

Bad pilot light or ignition: Your pilot light is responsible for igniting gas as your furnace turns on. However, if your pilot light goes out, or it won’t hold a flame, then you may have an issue. Keep an eye out for a failed pilot light, or a light that flickers.

Thermostat issues: If your thermostat isn’t telling your furnace to turn on and off at the right time, then your home’s temperature won’t remain consistent. If you notice fluctuating temperatures or a complete failure from your system, then your thermostat may be the cause.

Dirty filter: Like the filter for your AC unit, your furnace’s filter keeps dust and dirt from pouring into your home when the blower fan turns on. If you have a filter that is gunked up it’s best to swap it out to keep the air pure and flowing well.

Inefficient blower fan: Your blower fan is a motorized fan that moves warm air into your home. If your blower fan is broken, or if it isn’t well lubricated, then it may be making noise, and it will not be efficiently heating your home.

Bad flame sensor: If you have a flame sensor that is dirty or damaged, it won’t be able to sense whether or not your furnace is ignited when it should be. If you have a bad flame sensor, then you’ll need to have it cleaned or replaced so that your furnace won’t be restricted from turning on.

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Once again, if you live in the New Braunfels area, we’re the Top Rated Local choice for HVAC services. Our technician team has over 100 years of combined experience serving our neighbors throughout the region. If you’re curious what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call!