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At Thayer Air Conditioning, it’s our mission to keep our clients equipped with the HVAC systems they need to withstand every type of weather that the Lone Star State is capable of producing. Providing a secure pathway for clean, conditioned air to be delivered into the the rooms of a home, ductwork is a vital component for several types of HVAC systems and without it, they would be rendered useless.

When you’re inevitably having issues and find yourself needing the highest quality air duct repair around, our team is here with the knowledge and skills to keep your ducts in working order and home at a comfortable temperature.

hands reaching up adding silver tape to air duct

Damaged Ductwork Can Decrease Your Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining excellent indoor air quality (IAQ) is crucial for a healthy home environment.

One often overlooked factor affecting IAQ is the condition of your ductwork. Holes or rips in ductwork can significantly impact the air you breathe, especially when considering the common allergens found in New Braunfels, TX.

Damaged ducts allow contaminants from unconditioned spaces like attics, crawl spaces or basements to enter the airflow. This means dirt, dust, mold spores and other pollutants can circulate throughout your home.

Common Allergens In New Braunfels

This area is known for its beautiful scenery and vibrant seasons, but with that comes a range of allergens that can affect indoor air quality. Some of the most prevalent allergens in New Braunfels include:

  • Cedar — Known for causing “cedar fever,” cedar pollen is a significant allergen, especially during winter months.
  • Oak — Oak pollen is abundant in spring and can cause severe allergic reactions.
  • Ragweed — This weed produces pollen that is prevalent in late summer and fall, triggering hay fever symptoms.
  • Mold — Humid conditions in New Braunfels contribute to mold growth, which can release spores into the air and worsen respiratory issues.
  • Dust mites — These microscopic creatures thrive in the warm, humid climate and can be a major indoor allergen.

To ensure your home’s IAQ remains high and to protect your family from allergens, it’s essential to maintain your ductwork. Our team of professionals can inspect your ductwork for any signs of damage and provide necessary repairs to prevent contaminant infiltration.

For comprehensive ductwork services and more, contact Thayer AC today. Breathe easier knowing your home’s air quality is in the hands of trusted professionals committed to your comfort and well-being.

Most Common Duct Repairs

While vital, ductwork is undoubtedly simple, being essentially just a closed tunnel for airflow, there aren’t many things that can go wrong with it. However, when things do fail and problems occur, issues with this simple system can have compounding effects on your entire HVAC system.

Fortunately, even the most complicated ductwork fixes are usually just a phone call away and a Thayer AC professional will be on their way to have your system running exactly how it should.

To give our customers an idea of what to expect, here are some of the most common ductwork issues that the residents of New Braunfels find themselves dealing with.

Leak Detection & Repair

Without solid and reliable air ducts, even the most efficient HVAC system will only be able to run at a fraction of its capacity. Faults in ductwork are regularly responsible for causing systems to lose up to one-third of their total efficiency — which means that it’s vital for ductwork to be a sealed, leak-free system.

Because of this importance, air duct leak detection and repair is one of the most common and vital services we provide, period — and our team is the best in the business.

Insulation Issues

For ductwork to preserve all of the clean, conditioned air that your HVAC system works so hard to create, the ducts must be properly insulated so that the air can maintain the proper temperature until it reaches its destination.

Fortunately, at Thayer Air Conditioning, we’re insulation masters. With our top-of-the-line blow-in insulation, we’ll comprehensively insulate your entire system and protect your valuable conditioned air from escaping away.

Physical Damage

Ductwork can become damaged by any number of things: rodents, weather or an unfortunate mishap in the attic while putting away Christmas decorations. Whatever the case, most duct damage is fairly simple to repair and in the worst cases, sections of duct can be replaced entirely.

Bad Design

As we mentioned above, your ductwork has the potential to be a massive point of efficiency loss for your entire HVAC system. This means that the design and layout of your system are vital because every extra foot of ductwork increases the potential for loss.

If bad design is causing your duct issues, we’ll correct every routing issue present until your system is running as efficiently as possible.

Ductwork Cleaning

Ductwork cleaning is a vital step of HVAC maintenance and is overlooked by thousands of homeowners every year. While it isn’t needed often, it is recommended that your ducts be professionally cleaned every three to five years to prevent dust accumulation and remove the potential for mold growth.

For A Standard That’s Rare Call Thayer For Ductwork Repair

If you’re ready to experience a higher standard of New Braunfels HVAC company, don’t waste time, bothering anyone else and call Thayer Air Conditioning today! With free estimates, a 100% worry-free guarantee and a sizeable list of reviews left by satisfied customers, we’ve done our best to make extremely high-quality HVAC service as accessible as possible.

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