Thayer Air Conditioning Blog: Archive for December, 2020

How Long Can I Expect a Furnace to Last?

Monday, December 28th, 2020

If you’re asking this question, you’re likely in one of two positions:

  1. You had a new furnace installed (we hope we installed it!) and you’re curious about how many years of good heating performance you’re going to get from this investment.
  2. You’ve had your current furnace for many years—you may have lost count—and wonder when it will be advisable to replace it.

If you’re in the first position, it’s good that you’re thinking ahead. A bit of knowledge can help your furnace last even longer. If you’re in the second, you’re entering a planning stage and may have reason to think your furnace won’t last much longer. It’s important that you don’t just let the furnace run until it completely fails. Getting ahead of an emergency breakdown is part of wise home comfort and will help you avoid high bills and unnecessary expenses.

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Getting a Grip on Higher Heating Bills

Monday, December 14th, 2020

When we offer to help you “get a grip” on higher heating bills, we’re not offering to make it easier for you to look at higher bills and just cope with having to pay more. No, we want to help you get those bills under control. You expect the cost to heat your house to rise during the winter: even in Texas, our weather grows colder this time of year. But if that rise is much higher than you’ve seen before and it’s not connected to an uptick in energy costs, you can take various steps to lower your bills back down to a sensible level. 

Below are some ways to manage lower winter heating costs in your house. Some you do on your own, others may require calling us to assist.

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