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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


5 Facts You Never Knew About Installing an Air Conditioner


Time for a new air conditioner? We’re glad you know that you have to move on from your aging current system and have a new one installed, since you’ll get a fresh start and not have to worry about the old AC failing. 

You only want professionals to install a new air conditioner. Below are five facts about AC installation that will help you understand why experts are essential.

#1. Air conditioners have specific “size” requirements

“Your air conditioner must be this powerful to cool your house.” This is one of the most important parts of installing an air conditioner: finding out how “big” it needs to be in order to deliver even comfort around a house. It’s not a straightforward issue, because shooting for an AC that’s too powerful can lead to serious trouble. Professional technicians will go through several steps to ensure an AC is the right size.

#2. Too large an air conditioner is a problem

This is part of sizing an air conditioner that people often make mistakes about. And by “people,” we mean amateur installers. It may sound like getting an air conditioner that’s too powerful for a home couldn’t be that bad. But it can be just as bad as an air conditioner that’s too small because it will waste power and run down early. You want an AC that’s the exact right size.

#3. Replacing an AC requires replacing indoor and outdoor parts

When you get a new air conditioning system, you’re getting a new outdoor condenser that contains a compressor, condenser coil, and fan. But you’re also getting a new indoor evaporator coil. The blower fan (which also works for the furnace) probably won’t change unless you’re redoing the entire HVAC system. Putting in a new evaporator coil is important, because if the old one is left in place, you’ll end up with a mismatched system that doesn’t work efficiently.

#4. The hardest part of installing an AC is removing the old one

It takes around several hours for trained professionals to get a new air conditioning system fully installed so you can start enjoying its cooling power. The biggest, most labor-intensive part of the job is removing the current AC. Once that part is done, getting the new air conditioner in place and connecting it is relatively straightforward.

#5. A new thermostat isn’t necessary, but it’s recommended

We often install new thermostats along with air conditioning systems, because we can match the best in new technology in comfort controls with the AC. It’s much easier to upgrade to a new thermostat when you have the AC put in than to try to find the right match later. A new thermostat also allows you to get the most from the new features of your replacement air conditioner. 

We’re long-time pros when it comes AC installation in San Antonio, TX. You can trust that our technicians for thorough and accurate work so you’ll have the best possible AC to cool your house for years to come. 

At Thayer Air Conditioning, your comfort is our #1 priority! Want to know more about installing a new AC? Call us … we’re ready to help!

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