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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


An Early Reminder: Sign Up for Spring HVAC Maintenance


An essential job a professional San Antonio, TX, HVAC contractor performs for clients is pre-summer inspections and tune-ups for home air conditioning systems. HVAC maintenance twice a year is important almost everywhere people use heaters and ACs. But in Texas, it’s vital to have air conditioning maintenance done each spring. You know what a Texas summer feels like. Don’t face the coming heat without a sturdy cooling system in the house that has gotten the necessary prep work.

Even though spring doesn’t officially arrive until next month, we recommend getting on our schedule for air conditioning system maintenance as soon as possible. The maintenance schedule crowds up during April as the mid-year temperatures rise. Take advantage of the current slower period to find an ideal time for AC maintenance.

Maintenance Means a Longer AC Service Life

There are numerous benefits to keeping your air conditioner current with its annual check-ups, cleanings, adjustments, and other maintenance steps. One of the biggest, the one that has the longest-term pay-off, is the extension of the air conditioner’s service life.

How long do you expect your central cooling system to last? The standard range is between 10 and 15 years. Some ACs last longer. Some fail earlier. We can almost guarantee a system that lasts longer received regular maintenance. The one that needs a replacement after only seven years probably missed maintenance. That’s how much a difference routine inspections make. Because maintenance keeps the warranty current, an AC has additional protection in case of early failure due to a manufacturer’s fault.

Maintenance Means Fewer Repairs

An HVAC professional goes over all the major components of an AC to check for trouble spots and to lubricate, clean, and adjust them. These thorough steps not only catch repair issues before they become issues, but they also prevent future repair problems. Approximately 85% of the repairs an air conditioner may require during its service life are preventable thanks to maintenance. Add up the cost of all those repairs and you’ll see the bigger picture of the money you save when you invest in an HVAC maintenance program

Maintenance Means Higher System Energy Efficiency

Stress on an AC as it ages and wears down lowers its energy efficiency. When this occurs, the air conditioner draws on more electricity to run and causes utility bills to rise. It doesn’t have to be this way when the air conditioner receives annual spring maintenance. The average cooling system retains 95% of its original efficiency until the end of its service life because of regular inspections and tune-ups.

Sign Up for Our Maintenance Programs

We offer different tiers of maintenance programs for our valued customers. For as little as $15 a month, you’ll receive two tune-ups a year (cooling and heating), discounts on filters, priority service, a lifetime warranty on most repairs, and repair discounts. Call our office to find out more details. We’re happy to help you sign up and put you on the spring AC maintenance schedule.

Thayer Air Conditioning serves the greater New Braunfels area. Sign up for maintenance today: your comfort is our #1 priority.

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