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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


Other End-of-Season Warnings an AC Is Malfunctioning


In our previous post, we pointed out strange noises you may hear from your air conditioning system and what they mean. Odd sounds are only one of the indicators of an AC in trouble at the end of a long summer season. We’ve collected other signs to look for so you’ll know when it’s time to call our New Braunfels, TX air conditioning repair experts. We have 24/7 emergency service for when you need your household cooling restored right away.

ONE: Uneven cooling around the house

A central air conditioning system that was professionally installed should encounter few problems delivering cool air to all the rooms connected to the ductwork. HVAC technicians take special steps to size an air conditioning unit at installation so it can handle the space in a house. But when something interferes with a central AC’s cooling capacity, one of the earliest signs is when certain rooms are hotter than normal. Usually, these are the rooms the farthest distant along the branches of the ventilation system. (If your house has zone controls, then a problem with the dampers or the satellite thermostats may be causing this problem.)

TWO: Ice appearing on the evaporator coil

This is a problem we addressed in a longer blog post. The short version: ice should never appear on the evaporator coil, and when it does it means something is restricting the coil from absorbing heat from the air. Instead of scraping off the ice—which won’t solve the core problem—call for professionals.

THREE: Tripping circuit breakers

An air conditioner uses numerous electrical components that put a large demand on the electrical supply of a house. An electrical fault or a component operating with too much strain can cause a circuit breaker in the home’s electrical panel to trip. If this happens once, it may not be a major issue. If it happens again and again, the air conditioner probably has an electrical fault that needs the attention of HVAC experts.

FOUR: Inexplicable rise in electrical costs

Almost any malfunction inside a central air conditioning system will force it to draw on more electricity than normal to run. When you see an increase in your electrical bills that you can’t account for with a rise in use or another explanation, we recommend you call our team to see if the AC system is the problem.

FIVE: The compressor turns on and off rapidly

This is called short-cycling, and it means a malfunction is causing the compressor to shut down its cooling cycle prematurely. The time a compressor runs during a cooling cycle is 15 minutes or longer, so if it starts running on shorter cycles with little downtime between, call for a professional to find out the reason for the short cycling.

We want to emphasize that it’s important to move fast with repairing an AC, no matter the time of year. Cool weather may be on the way, but you need the AC ready to go whenever you need it next. We’re here to see you receive speedy remedy for your home cooling issues.

At Thayer Air Conditioning, your comfort is our #1 priority! Reach out to us for the AC repairs.

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