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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


Never Delay Putting in a New AC, No Matter the Time of Year


Yikes! The August heat! We don’t need to say much more, do we?

We hope that you and your family are able to enjoy this time of year inside your house because you have an effective central air conditioning system able to hold up to the work it needs to do. If you have any concerns about AC performance, call us at your earliest convenience—your comfort is our top priority, and we’ll see your air conditioning system gets back to work.

What if the situation looks grimmer? What if you think you may need to have a new AC installation in New Braunfels, TX? Your old air conditioner is in the high-double digits, you can’t rely on it, it isn’t keeping the house cool enough … whatever is up, you suspect it requires more than repairs. Yet you may feel tempted to put off the work until the weather cools down in fall. This is a mistake, and we’ll tell you why.

An emergency AC replacement is the last thing you want to deal with

If you have a wobbly, decrepit air conditioner, it is at a high risk of complete breakdown—and it will likely happen on a 100°F day because that’s when it will be under the most strain. Scrambling to get technicians to your home to assess the problem and then schedule a full AC replacement is a big hassle. We’ll work fast for you, but you will have to be without air conditioning for a stretch. This is a busy time of year for technicians, so scheduling is tight. If possible, do preventive system replacement that you can schedule at a convenient time, such as later in the day or when the rest of the family can be somewhere cooler.

A dying air conditioner is a massive money-waster

Even if you can get the air conditioner to limp through these last hot months, you’ll pay plenty for it. An air conditioner near the end of its lifespan rapidly loses its energy efficiency, sometimes plunging as much as 50%, which means you pay 50% more to run the system each time it turns on. You throw money away every day you delay installing a new air conditioner. And that new AC will probably run at greater efficiency than your current on did even when it was brand-new.

An ancient AC can harm your indoor air quality

An air conditioner that’s almost finished is often filled with dust and dirt that it keeps blowing around the house. This adds an extra layer of unpleasantness to the hot days. Speaking of extra unpleasantness, a dying air conditioner will allow humidity to get worse.

You have time to plan for the best possible system

Scheduling an AC repair on your timetable rather than the air conditioner’s allows you more opportunities to consider what type of system you want installed. Our technicians will provide you the best help as you think about what features you want and if it’s worthwhile to upgrade to a high-efficiency system—or even switch to a heat pump.

Your comfort is our #1 priority at Thayer Air Conditioning. Call us—we’re already on the way!

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