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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


Our Five Mid-Summer Texas Tips


We’re right in the thick of it now: the middle of summer in Texas. Your air conditioner is working the hardest it ever does, and you’re probably retreating into the cool comfort of your air conditioned home as often as you can. Is there anything you should be doing to keep your HVAC system in good shape throughout the summer? Yes! We’ll tell you five things to do.

1: AC Maintenance

If you didn’t have air conditioner maintenance done before the heat really hit, don’t put it off until next year. Your air conditioner will cool your home more effectively after it’s been maintained. It will also be more efficient, saving you money each time your electric bill arrives, and it will be less likely to require repair. And you definitely don’t want to be stuck in a home with no air conditioning while you wait for repairs.

2: Change the Air Filter

Your AC system can suck heat out of the air more quickly and efficiently, and distribute that chilled air throughout your home more effectively, when nothing is getting in the way of the airflow. This means that you must change the air filter. If it’s got a thick layer of dust, the system will have to work harder to pull any air through the filter, straining the compressor. And not having enough air passing through can overheat the motor that powers the fan. The air filter should be changed at least once a month during the heat of the summer, and more often if you have fluffy pets or other sources of extra dust.

3: Clean the Condenser Unit

The other part of your air conditioner that needs good airflow is the condenser or outdoor unit. This is where the refrigerant releases the heat it absorbed from your home, and it needs proper ventilation so the heat can dissipate. This means that there should not be tall grass or cozy shrubbery cuddled up against the unit, or any debris such as lawn clippings or last fall’s leaves clustered around it. Even caked-on dust and dirt can insulate the refrigerant coils and prevent the heat from escaping. Trim and rake away anything near the outdoor unit, and hose it off with a soft—not forceful—spray. 

4: Maximize Efficiency

Taking steps to prevent your cooling bills from getting too high will also be good for your air conditioner, lowering the likelihood of repair needs and extending the AC unit’s life expectancy. Use your ceiling fans set to rotate counter-clockwise to move the air, making you feel cooler even when you set the thermostat to a higher temperature. Seal up any cracks around windows and close gaps under outer doors with weather stripping. And don’t forget to program your thermostat to allow the house to be about ten degrees warmer when nobody will be home. 

5: Don’t Forget About Your Heater

Summer is also the best time to think about your heating system. Schedule heating maintenance well in advance, so you can get an appointment that best fits your busy life. You can also consider the age of your heater and how well it’s been performing. If it needs to be replaced, it would be ideal to discuss that with a reputable HVAC contractor in New Braunfels, TX during the summer. You certainly don’t want to have to unexpectedly replace your heater in January!

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