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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


Warnings You May Need Commercial AC Repair

If you own or operate a business or commercial facility, then you’ve likely had your air conditioning equipment running steadily through most of the last few months. That puts plenty of strain on it, making it more likely here at the close of the cooling season for the AC to experience malfunctions or even a complete system failure. 

Because we can experience hot weather around the year in New Braunfels, businesses need to have air conditioning systems that are always ready to work—and so it pays to be aware of when it’s time to call for commercial AC repair in San Marcos, TX to rescue a faulty air conditioner. So at this time of year, when your commercial AC can be at a higher risk of malfunctioning, we’d like to help you recognize some of the common signs to contact us to repair your cooling equipment.

Hot spots around the business

One of the major warning signs of a commercial cooling system that is beginning to lose its capacity is when it starts to unevenly cool a building. A properly installed air conditioning system should be able to provide an even spread of cooling throughout the facility. If customers and employees start to complain that some places are getting hotter than before and thermostat adjustments don’t make a difference, it’s best to call professionals to look at the equipment.

Disruptive noises 

Commercial air conditioning systems are larger than residential ones and make more noise in general. This is why they’re often located on the roof. But if you have a small business space, you may still be able to hear the air conditioning system if it starts to make loud noises warning of malfunctions like wearing down motors. If the noise is enough to disrupt operations, it’s definitely something to have investigated!

Abrupt rise in energy costs

You probably keep a close watch on your budget and bottom line from month to month. Make sure you pay attention to energy costs and compare them to the same period from the previous years. A sudden rise in energy costs that you can’t account for may warn of a cooling system that’s faulty and draining more power than normal.

Fouls odors from the vents

Has your business space started to develop a musty smell, like dirty socks? That’s not something customers or employees will like. If this odor is coming from the air vents, then it’s a warning of trouble with the AC from mold growth inside the system. You’ll definitely want this fixed as soon as possible.

Thermostats need continual adjustment

You shouldn’t need to regularly adjust the thermostats for your facility to meet comfort needs. You should be able to find a steady setting for most of the day. If you discover that thermostat settings and programming need to be tweaked throughout the day in order to get the comfort that your business once took for granted, it’s a warning that either the thermostat or the AC is faulty.

At Thayer Air Conditioning, your comfort is our #1 priority! Schedule service with us today for your commercial AC needs.

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