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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


What to Expect During Your Air Conditioner Installation


Congratulations on your new air conditioner! You’re going to be set up to have a cool, comfortable summer with a brand-new, top-notch AC system. But first, you need to have it installed. What exactly happens when a new AC is installed? How long will it take? And how can you help to streamline the process? We’ve got all the information you need.

The Importance of Professional Installation

AC installation is not something amateurs, general maintenance workers, or DIY enthusiasts should attempt. It requires specialized tools and involves handling heavy equipment. Professional installers have the training and experience to do the job quickly and safely. Amateur installation can lead to mishaps, damage to your home or the unit, and even hazards like refrigerant leaks. Perhaps most importantly, warranty agreements generally require that the unit is professionally installed. You don’t want to void your warranty before you even get to start up your AC!

How Air Conditioners Are Installed

When your technician arrives to put in your new AC unit, their first priority is to assess the situation. They’ll check out the locations of the indoor and outdoor units and determine what modifications will need to be made to fit your new unit. They’ll prepare the area, making sure that their work won’t cause damage or mess, perhaps laying out a groundcloth or putting plastic covers on their boots if it’s muddy outside. They’ll remove the existing unit, get the new unit in place, connect everything, and then start it up to make sure it’s running exactly as it should.

How Long AC Installation Takes

A typical air conditioning installation in San Antonio, TX takes between four and eight hours. This presumes that the old air conditioner and the new one are of the same type and size. There are some factors that can cause AC installation to take significantly longer or even make it so that it needs to take place over more than a single day.

  • First-Time Central AC: If you’re replacing window units with central air for the first time, it’s likely more modifications to your home will be necessary.
  • Work on Ductwork: If your home needs to be fitted with ductwork for the first time, or if your ductwork needs repair or replacement, this will increase the timeframe of installation.
  • Changing Types: If you had a traditional air conditioner and are switching to a ductless system or heat pump, additional steps will need to be taken.

How Homeowners Can Streamline the AC Installation Process

Before your scheduled appointment, take a few steps yourself that can make things faster and easier for your installer. Clear a path from where the truck will park to your outdoor unit, so installers won’t have to worry about tripping over skateboards or birdbaths. Remove any debris around the outdoor unit such as last fall’s leaves, and trim any branches or shrubs that are very close to the unit. For the indoor unit, take the same steps: clear a path to the area where the installer will need to work, and move away anything too close, so there will be room to work. Finally, shut any pets in a separate room. The door will be opening repeatedly, and installers are often carrying large things that make it hard to see their feet. An escaped pet or stepped-on paw is best avoided. Your installer will be grateful!

At Thayer Air Conditioning, your comfort is our #1 priority! Contact us today.

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