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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


Why Are Some Rooms Getting Cooler Than Others?


Uneven cooling in a house isn’t something that should happen if the air conditioning system is in good repair and was accurately sized when installed. If you have noticed hot spots in your house when the central AC is running, the HVAC system is sending signals that something is wrong, and you may need air conditioning repair in New Braunfels, TX—or you may need a new air conditioning system.

When in doubt about what to do about an AC that’s failing to meet expectations, call our team. We can diagnose the problem and offer you the best solution so you can get back to relaxing in a cool indoor oasis.

Some Possible Causes of Uneven Cooling

There are several sources of an AC that isn’t getting all the rooms cool to the level you want:

  • Incorrectly sized air conditioner: We mentioned in the first sentence that an air conditioner that was accurately sized when installed should not run into uneven cooling problems. Sizing determines how much cooling output from an AC is necessary for effective and efficient cooling in a house. If your AC is new and it’s not evenly cooling the house, it might be because amateurs installed an air conditioner that isn’t powerful enough. The only “fix” for this is to put in a new AC—and make sure professionals like ours size it properly.
  • Dying air conditioner: On the other end of the age scale, if your air conditioner is more than 10 or even 15 years old, this uneven cooling is a major warning that the system is entering its final life-stage. If this aging AC has needed repairs during the past few years and it also costs more to run than it once did, it’s almost certainly time to replace it—the uneven cooling shows it’s close to a final breakdown where it won’t cool at all.
  • Refrigerant leaks: Leaking along the refrigerant lines is a common problem with air conditioners that are more than five years old. Loss of refrigerant puts the entire cooling system in jeopardy, and one of the signs it’s happening is when not all of the house is getting sufficient cooling. Don’t hesitate to have us check for refrigerant leaks, since you’ll soon end up with a burnt-out compressor if these are not fixed.
  • Compressor trouble: The compressor might be in trouble and not working at its best, which will cause the cooling capacity to drop. If the compressor fails, it will need to be replaced. This is an expensive repair, and often it’s better to replace the whole air conditioner instead.
  • Dirty air filter: Here is a simple problem that you can fix yourself. The air filter for the HVAC system will become clogged after one to three months in place, and it will then start to reduce airflow. Low airflow will mean some rooms receiving less cool air than before. Put in a new filter to see if this fixes the problem.

There are other possibilities, and you can rely on our expertise to get to the source of the problem.

Count on Thayer Air Conditioning to restore your home comfort to its best. Your comfort is our #1 priority!

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