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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


Repair Your AC Now and Receive a Free Diagnostic

Has your air conditioning system gotten off to a rocky start this year when the heat started to climb? That’s no fun, but the worst thing you can do now is to ignore the problem and either hope it gets better or wait until it gets worse before calling a technician to repair it.

Please don’t do either! It always pays to move fast to have repairs done for an air conditioner. And right now you have a great reason to jump on that repair call: we’re offering a free diagnostic on AC repairs in Canyon Lake, TX and throughout our service area. When you call us, we’ll waive the $69 diagnostic fee on qualifying repairs of more than $250. This takes the stress off calling us in to fix the problem. We want to help you enjoy excellent cooling, especially at the start of the hotter weather. It means you’re less likely to run into a repair problem later on in the summer when the heat hits a peak and the stress on the AC can get intense.

“What if the problem doesn’t seem too bad?”

Here’s a little secret about air conditioners: even a small sign of a problem, such as a strange noise or the appearance of frost on the evaporator coil, warns of something much larger beneath. Just because you haven’t noticed any effect on the cooling in your house doesn’t mean that it won’t soon happen. The AC could be heading for a major failure and an expensive repair. Worse, you’ll be trapped in the heat while you’re waiting for technicians to arrive. (We’re fast to respond when you need help, but we can’t teleport to you instantly!)

Let’s take the two examples above and show you how a “small problem” can cover up a larger one:

  • The Strange Noise: Air conditioners don’t run silently. You can expect to hear the fan and compressor motors running when the AC turns on, as well as the occasional drip of condensate water and the flush of water from the condensate pan. But anything that interrupts this white noise can be a problem. A shrieking mechanical noise could warn you that the bearings on the motors are wearing down, and if the bearings aren’t replaced, eventually the motors will burn out. A clicking sound at startup could be a tight compressor, and this may eventually cause catastrophic damage to this essential component. Don’t ignore these sounds: they are one of your best early warnings the AC needs repairs.
  • The Ice on the Coil: It’s easy to ignore ice on an air conditioner because people often think it’s normal. But it isn’t. Ice on the coil means something is preventing the coil from absorbing enough heat to warm the refrigerant. Often this is because of leaking refrigerant, and this is a major problem that can permanently wreck the compressor. The ice can also indicate a drop in airflow or excess dirt along the coil. Get the professionals in to find out what’s wrong and correct it.

These are just two examples of how important a professional diagnostic is for a malfunctioning AC. Call today and we’ll waive the diagnostic fee and get straight to the repair.

Your comfort is our #1 priority! Call Thayer Air Conditioning today to schedule AC repair and get a free diagnostic.

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