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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


Fix Your Own Gas Furnace? Please Don’t Try It!


We live in an age of the “do-it-yourselfer.” You only need to type a few words into a search engine about any project you’re considering taking on, and you’ll be zapped to a set of videos offering to show you how you can do it.

But there’s a big difference between a video telling you that you can do something and whether you can actually do it. Would you trust DIY instructions on how to fly a plane? Perform heart surgery? Of course, you wouldn’t. And you shouldn’t trust DIY instructions for when it comes to fixing a broken gas furnace. We know it’s tempting to attempt to save money by tackling a faulty heating system on your own. But you absolutely shouldn’t.

Work on gas appliances is potentially dangerous

If your home uses natural gas to power the kitchen stove and oven, the furnace, and other appliances, you should leave any repairs for them to licensed professionals. Natural gas systems like furnaces are not inherently dangerous—they’re built with numerous safeguards, and as long as they receive routine maintenance and inspections from certified experts, they aren’t any more hazardous than electrical appliances.

However, a gas furnace will rapidly become dangerous if any amateur work is done on it. A simple error with gas lines or burners can create toxic gas leaks. There’s also the potential for combustion hazards, i.e. explosions. Mistakes can mean short or long-term dangers, and the risk is not worth it, no matter how much money you think you’ll save.

It’s probably also illegal

In most jurisdictions, the only people who are legally permitted to work on appliances connected to a gas main are professionals who have a special certification. This is not only to protect the household but to protect the neighborhood in general. A house fire is a threat to other houses, after all.

You will void the warranty

Even if you could legally work on your gas furnace (you probably can’t), any non-professional work on a gas furnace will void the warranty. If a technician finds that problems with your furnace are due to amateur tinkering, the warranty won’t cover any repair services that it normally would, which includes replacing a furnace that fails due to factory faults. You don’t want to lose this important consumer protection.

Your chances of solving the problem are minimal

Even if we discount all the reasons above, you should leave your broken furnace to the professionals because you have small chances of fixing the heater on your own. The basic diagnosis of what’s wrong is too difficult for an amateur to do, and that means getting the repair done correctly is close to impossible. The only solutions you can do on your own are to change a clogged furnace filter and check on the thermostat.

You can trust us to fix your furnace—fast and right

To get great furnace repair in New Braunfels, TX, and the I-35 Corridor from San Antonio to Austin, you only have to call us. We strive for 5-star service every time.

At Thayer Air Conditioning, your comfort is our #1 priority! Call us for furnace repair—we’re already on our way!

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