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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


Heating Maintenance Is the Secret for a Trouble-Free Winter


Well, secret may be an exaggeration. Any professional HVAC contractor will tell you that the way to enjoy a successful winter with your heating system is to schedule fall maintenance for it with experienced technicians.

However, so many people skip out on maintenance or forget about it that it seems like it may be a secret. We’re going to make sure that it isn’t, at least not for you. With this “One Simple Trick!” that’s hardly a trick, you can banish most of your worries about indoor winter comfort.

Fall Maintenance Is the Most Important Service for a Central Heater

Something that’s not an exaggeration: fall maintenance for a heating system is one of the most important services we offer, with spring maintenance for the air conditioning competing with it. This isn’t a job you want to miss out on, because the benefits are great and you can avoid the majority of problems your home’s heater may give you. 

  • Lower energy bills: When your heating system goes without routine care, its parts will become worn down and dirty. This forces the heater to work harder to do its job, and this raises your monthly bills. With maintenance, you won’t pay more than necessary to have your home kept warm.
  • Fewer repair calls: A heating system should only need repairs once every few years, sometimes less. A heater that isn’t maintained will require repairs far more often. Maintenance catches potential repairs early and the tune-ups help prevent many from getting started in the first place. In fact, maintenance can prevent more than 50% of repairs.
  • Longer system life: Want to get the most years of service from your heating system? Of course you do—that helps you get the best return on your investment in it. You don’t want to have to retire the heater early. Maintenance will help a heating system run for as long as possible since it slows down the effects of wear and tear.  
  • Reliability: A heating system you can’t trust to work when you need it isn’t much good to you. It can make life more stressful, and who wants that? Maintenance gives a heater the best possible send-off for the winter with the best chance it will run without a hitch. The peace of mind is worth it.
  • Warranty protection: Don’t let the warranty for your heater lapse! That can happen if you skip professional maintenance.

Our Maintenance Plans

We’re the San in Marcos, TX, HVAC contractor with the right plan to care for your heating system. We offer both Silver Plans and Gold Plans to match your budget needs. Each program includes twice-yearly maintenance (the AC in spring, the heater in fall), a discount on filters, a lifetime warranty on most repairs, and priority service so you can skip to the front of the line when you need rapid repair assistance.

Call us to find out more about the programs, sign up, and get on the schedule for the next convenient slot for your fall heating maintenance.

At Thayer Air Conditioning, your comfort is our #1 priority! Schedule heating maintenance today for a stress-free winter.

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