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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


It’s Time for a Maintenance Check-Up for Your Furnace


Once the calendar turns to October, there’s no question that we are 100% into the fall season. If you work in the HVAC industry, that means it’s the season for handling furnace maintenance for customers. And if you’re an HVAC customer, that means it’s the season to call us for furnace maintenance!

We know that the idea of scheduling maintenance for your home’s furnace sounds like a chore, but it’s easy when you work with us. It’s also immensely beneficial: regular HVAC maintenance is one of the most important services we offer based on how much it benefits our customers.

Keeping your furnace running safely

There are many benefits to keeping current with maintaining your home’s furnace each fall, and we’re going to list some of them. But the biggest benefit, the #1 reason you never want to skip this service, is that it helps to keep your furnace working safely

During maintenance, our technicians do a careful inspection of your furnace to look for any place where safety problems might develop. This includes checking the gas pressure, searching for cracks in the heat exchanger, checking that the furnace is venting properly, and looking for gas leaks. We’ll keep all the safety mechanisms in the furnace in working order. 

This safety applies to electric furnaces as well. Although electric furnaces don’t create toxic emissions, they can cause electrical fire hazards if not maintained.

Repairs? Hah, you don’t need repairs!

Well, most of the time you won’t—because regular maintenance prevents more than half of the repairs that your furnace may need during its service life. Not only does this save you money, it also means you won’t have to make as many calls to us for furnace repair in Cibolo, TX. We love our customers, but we know they would rather not have to call us.

The high cost of heating costs less

You don’t want to pay more for heating than you have to, but if your furnace isn’t given annual maintenance to tune it up and clean it, it will start to lose its energy efficiency. On average, a furnace will work 5% less efficiently each year it misses maintenance, and that will quickly add up. With maintenance, your furnace will only lose 5% efficiency over most of its service life.

A furnace that lives to its golden years

A natural gas furnace can last around 15 years, but only if it has regular maintenance. Neglecting maintenance allows age to get a faster hold on the furnace, leading to an early replacement. How early? You might need to replace your gas furnace before it reaches 10 years, and that means missing out on many years of effective service. 

Sign up for our maintenance plan

We want to make your furnace maintenance easy, which is why we created our maintenance plan. You can choose to sign up at two different levels, each with its own set of special rewards. Best of all, when you join a maintenance plan, you’re not only getting maintenance for your furnace each fall, you’re also getting maintenance for your air conditioner. 

At Thayer Air Conditioning, your comfort is our #1 priority! Contact us today to schedule your fall furnace maintenance appointment.

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