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Comfort Savings Plan

Comfort Savings Plan

Live In Indoor Comfort Year-Round for $99!

Your home’s heating and cooling equipment works hard, so it needs special attention each year from professionals to ensure that it continues to run as it should. Regular tune-ups and inspections from Thayer Air Conditioning mean you’ll get the best performance, efficiency and safety from your HVAC equipment.

Here are the major advantages of routine maintenance:

  • Helps extend equipment life
  • Can lower heating and cooling costs
  • Helps to prevent unexpected breakdowns
  • Safety inspection prevents hazards
  • Keeps the warranty valid

With membership in the Thayer Comfort Savings Plan, you can say goodbye to the stress of avoidable repairs and enjoy peace of mind with regularly scheduled system tune-ups. Let our team worry about your home’s systems while you enjoy year-round comfort.

Membership Benefits

Let the team at Thayer AC take care of your HVAC maintenance needs for just $99, providing continuous coverage and expert service, allowing you to focus on what truly matters — your comfort. Membership benefits include:

  • 15% OFF Repairs
  • 15 % OFF Installations
  • Priority Appointments & Scheduling*
  • Up to 2 Yr. Repair Warranty*
  • Annual Heating and Cooling Tune-up Service
  • No Dispatch Fee ($49 savings)
  • Covers Entire House!

With our Comfort Savings Plan, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained and efficient heating and cooling system. Membership benefits ensure your HVAC equipment’s longevity and optimal performance, so you can count on consistent comfort in your home.

Join the Thayer Comfort Savings Plan

You can protect your home for life with a Thayer Comfort Savings Plan! This preventative maintenance plan for your HVAC system offers ongoing continuous coverage and will save you big in both the short and the long run. Maintenance has never been easier!

All you have to do is contact us or fill out the form below. Our technicians will then schedule your first maintenance visit. The rest of the job is up to us, and you can relax knowing your comfort needs are in the best hands!