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dirty air filter from heavy heater usage

Why Does My Heater Keep Breaking Down?

Common Heater Problems In New Braunfels, TX

When it’s chilly outside, there’s nothing better than snuggling up in a warm home. However, if you find yourself shivering constantly indoors, your heater likely isn’t working properly. Furnaces can break down for many reasons, so how do you know which problem you’re dealing with?

Thankfully, you don’t have to have all the answers. At Thayer Air Conditioning, we’re committed to helping our neighbors in New Braunfels stay comfortable all winter long. If you want to know what’s plaguing your furnace, read ahead to determine a few causes for your heating troubles!

Reasons For The Heat Not Working In Your House

If your furnace isn’t blowing hot air into your home, a few different issues could be to blame. Although you should always hire a professional to diagnose the issue, you can do some troubleshooting to rule out any user errors.

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

First, you should ensure your thermostat is on and set to the proper temperature. Most homeowners prefer to set their thermostats between 68–72 degrees Fahrenheit. If the device is working, the heater itself may be to blame.

Dirty Air Filters

You should also make sure your air filter is clean and installed properly. We recommend replacing your air filter at least once every three months before you turn on your heater for the cold weather. Dirty air filters can cause many furnace issues, including the following:

  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Decreased energy efficiency
  • Short-cycling
  • Inefficient airflow

Clogged air filters can also shorten the lifespan of your furnace over time. Regularly replacing this component will maintain the efficiency of your heating system and keep your home feeling warm.

Causes Of A Heater Not Blowing Hot Air

If your gas furnace doesn’t blow out hot air, you may have a faulty burner or gas valve. Since your burner heats your home’s air, an inefficient burner can result in a chilly home. Similarly, dirt and dust can clog the gas valve, preventing your burner from igniting.

In homes with an electric heater, broken heating coils can prevent the system from producing hot air. When the coils burn out or collect dirt, they can’t warm the air properly. Contact one of our HVAC technicians if you need to replace your unit.

Why Is My Thermostat Not Turning On The Heater?

A broken thermostat can cause your furnace to overheat, which can lead to a system breakdown. It can also prevent your unit from turning on. To assess the status of your thermostat, check for the following issues:

  • Thermostat won’t turn on
  • Difference in room temperature and thermostat setting
  • Unresponsive buttons or screen

Any of these issues can make it seem like your furnace is broken. However, in these situations, you’ll likely need to have a professional assess your thermostat to determine the source of the problem. The team at Thayer Air Conditioning is ready to inspect your heating system!

Prevent Heater Failure With Heating Maintenance And Repair

If you want to protect your heating system, there are some steps you can take. Your furnace needs annual maintenance to function season after season. At Thayer Air Conditioning, we perform efficient heater tune-ups for homeowners every year.

These tune-ups include air filter replacement, interior cleaning and electrical inspections. Our expert furnace repair services can also solve problems with your heating system. With our knowledge and experience, you can trust our reliable services to help your unit operate efficiently during colder times of the year.

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If your furnace isn’t working properly, a trustworthy HVAC technician can help correct the issue. For homeowners in the New Braunfels area, Thayer Air Conditioning is the company to trust with heating services. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!