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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


What’s Wrong With an AC That’s Too Powerful?


Air conditioning units can be too powerful! Not too powerful in the sense that you’re going to start a blizzard in your own home, but in that it can be oversized, which causes it to short cycle, turn off and on again, as well as waste power and not properly cool your home.

When an air conditioner is too powerful, it doesn’t have to run as long to achieve the desired temperature. This results in the unit shutting off sooner, which means it has to turn back on again more frequently. This causes the unit to work harder, which leads to more wear and tear, and can also cause the unit to break down more quickly.

In addition, an air conditioner that’s too powerful will waste a lot of energy! If your unit is constantly turning on and off, it’s using excess electricity, which will end up costing you more money in the long run.

So, if you have an air conditioner that seems to be breaking down often, or is wasting a lot of energy, it might be time to get a new one that’s the right size for your home.

Could Your AC Be Oversized?

Some novice HVAC company can install the wrong size AC for a home. If this happens, the AC will turn on, blow cool air for a bit, and then turn off. The AC will turn on again soon and the cycle will repeat. This is called short cycling and is bad for your AC, as well as your bills.

Here is a checklist that can help you find out if your AC isn’t the right size for your home:

  • Your energy bills are unusually high.
  • Your home is humid
  • The AC turns on and off frequently
  • The AC blows cool air for a short time and then turns off
  • The AC doesn’t seem to be cooling your home as well as it used to.

When your AC unit isn’t the right size for your home, sometimes you can just feel it. It feels as humid as a Florida summer in your home, even though you live in Texas.

How Does Thayer Air Conditioning Find The Right AC Size for Your Home?

It takes a bit of math. The calculation is called a cooling load calculation, and our team of professional AC technicians will ask you several questions before we do the math to figure out what size of AC unit you need. Thayer Air Conditioning is the most trustworthy company for air conditioning in New Braunfels, TX!

We ask:

  • How big is your home?
  • How many windows does your home have?
  • What direction do your windows face?
  • How is your home’s ductwork?
  • How much insulation does your home have?
  • What is your home’s ceiling height?

These factors matter when it comes to choosing your home’s AC unit, but some HVAC technicians just try to install the largest AC unit they can so that you pay the most. Thayer Air Conditioning and Heating offers a better solution. We carefully inspect your home, your ductwork, and your current AC unit before we recommend a new one. We also offer AC maintenance programs to keep your system running at its best.

At Thayer Air Conditioning, your comfort is our #1 priority! Call us for all your home cooling needs.

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