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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


Why Do Air Conditioners Need a Concrete Platform Beneath Them?


You’ve probably noticed that the outdoor unit of an air conditioner is almost always placed on a base made of concrete. Have you ever wondered why that is? There are very good reasons for air conditioners to be set on a concrete platform, and we’ll tell you the most important ones. When you have an air conditioner installed, you’ll know why professionals make sure to do it this way.

Maintaining Stability

Air conditioners do always vibrate. This is a normal part of how they work. But extreme amounts of vibration can cause problems. Running the air conditioner on high for extended periods of time can make the unit shake violently if it’s on a surface that is uneven or prone to shifting. Of course, the ground tends to be uneven, and because it is a softer surface, it can be moved or disturbed by a large object vibrating on it. 

If the air conditioner is allowed to shake violently, it can do damage to itself. One of the major concerns is that refrigerant lines can be jostled loose, but all sorts of connections and components can be knocked askew by this motion. It can even contribute to the unit starting to sink into the ground!

Preventing Sinking

That jostling motion can destabilize the ground underneath an air conditioning unit that doesn’t have a concrete slab to stabilize it. But it’s not just that vibration that’s a risk. Pooling of water where the condensate is released can also cause the ground to soften and shift. And there can be similarly wet conditions even if the condensate is released well away from the unit. A stretch of particularly wet weather or a problem with the drainage in your yard can do the same thing. 

This sinking can compromise the connections between the indoor and outdoor units or even damage refrigerant lines. It can even prevent good air circulation, reducing the performance of the unit and increasing your utility bills. A solid concrete foundation can help prevent all of these problems. 

Keeping It Level

The heart of your air conditioner, which keeps everything pumping to where it needs to go, is the compressor. For it to function, it’s critical that it has oil. The air conditioner needs to be level to keep the oil inside the compressor. A tilting air conditioner will allow the oil to escape from the compressor and drip into the lines and coils of the air conditioner. This will result in the compressor having insufficient oil, which leads to overheating and potential compressor damage. And the compressor is the part you really don’t want damaged. In some cases, it ends up being less expensive to replace the whole air conditioner than to repair it. 

Now you know why that slab of concrete is so important! If you’re searching for “air conditioner installation near me,” you’ll know a little more about why your AC unit should be installed that way.

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