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Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area

Serving the Greater New Braunfels, TX Area


Never Hesitate to Call Us to Repair Your Heater—Here’s Why


When you live in a place that has a warm climate through much of the year, like San Antonio, it becomes easy to dismiss problems with a home heating system or delay calling technicians to repair it. You imagine you won’t need the heater in a few days anyway, so maybe you can just coast through until then: get out a space heater, put on a jacket indoors, etc. 

We work with heating repair in Bulverde, TX, and we can tell you that delaying getting a heater fixed is not a good idea. Procrastination when it comes to repairing a major appliance in your home rarely turns out well! We’ll look over some specific reasons to never hesitate to call us when you have a faulty heating system.

Safety, safety, safety

Safety is always the first priority when it comes to home heating systems, especially gas-powered furnaces (the most common type of residential heater). Gas furnaces aren’t inherently dangerous because they’re built to high standards of performance and with numerous safety mechanisms.

But when a furnace has a malfunction, even one that might appear to have nothing to do with the gas line or gas burners, it increases the chance the furnace will become unsafe. The best move is to call for technicians to investigate. If you have a gas furnace, we recommend you shut off the system at the furnace switch before calling. 

Heater longevity

You want your heater to last for as long as possible so you get the best return on investment on it. Sinking money into replacing heater years too early is expensive!

Whenever a heating system operates with some type of malfunction, even one that isn’t outwardly affecting the system’s heating capacity, it damages the heater and can shorten its service life. The sooner you have your heater repaired, the less likely the problem will lower furnace longevity.

Energy efficiency

Spending less on heating each year is one of the best benefits of living in a warm climate. (One of the many benefits. Warm climates are the best.) But if you let your heating system linger with a malfunction that you haven’t had repaired, you’ll start paying more for heating than you should. Most heating problems will cause the system to work harder to do its job, lowering its efficiency and raising your bills.


There are several days and nights ahead this winter when you’ll need the heater running to stay warm. You don’t want the heater to suddenly fail on you when you need its heat the most—but that’s a big risk you take when you procrastinate with heating repairs. It’s not much different than starting out on a long road trip with your car when you know the car needs a repair.

The good news is that heating repair doesn’t have to be a huge burden for you. Just call our team and we’ll be out to you right away. We have 24-hour service for extra convenience.

At Thayer Air Conditioning, your comfort is our #1 priority! Call us when you need heating repair … we’re already on our way!

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